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2 3/4'' Square tube with top wind handle 3300lbs static load screw stroke 13'' with three stages heavy duty parking jacks

  • Item #: MTJ150S-3S

Product Description


  • Special designed and constructed outer tube makes minimum tolerances between inner and outer tube, reducing play and vibration during movement of the jack. It makes your jack much stronger
  • High quality gears made from tempered steel for greater durability ensure your operation more smoothly and safely
  • Reliable quality and stable performance of spindle & bearing extend the service life of products
  • With Ultimate quality graphite grease on all moving parts to reduce routine maintenance requirements and guarantee the stable life time as well.

Product Specs

  • B (inch)19.69
  • B (mm)500
  • C (inch)15.75
  • C (mm)400
  • D (inch)25.59
  • D (mm)650
  • E (inch)8.86
  • E (mm)225
  • FinishingPainted
  • G (inch)6.30
  • G (mm)160
  • H (inch)11.81
  • H (mm)300
  • Max. static load (kg)1500
  • Max. static load (lb)3300
  • Outside tube (inch)2.75
  • Outside tube (mm)70mm
  • Screw stroke (inch+/-0.4)12.6
  • Screw stroke (mm+/-10)320
  • Weight (kg)28.2
  • Weight (lb)62.17