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900lbs manual winches with strap

  • Item #: MLE90S

Product Description


  1. Laminated, high carbon steel gears for longer life
  2. 7" handle with ergonomic handle grip
  3. Load matched gear ratios for easy turning
  4. Freewheel operation for easy line removal
  5. With cable or strap
  6. Easy to install and high quality.

Product Specs

  • 2-Speed Operationno
  • Drum Hub Dia.5/8"
  • Gear Ratio3.2:1
  • Handle Length7"
  • Max. Drum Capacity (cable)3/16" x 40'
  • Max. Drum Capacity (strap)16'
  • Reversible Ratchetno
  • Surface treatment Zinc plating
  • Weight (kg)1.75
  • Weight (lb)3.86
  • Work Load (lbs)900 lbs